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Purchase and Sale

In the coming years, pundits have predicted that a trillion dollars of assets are to be transferred from current owners to the new generation in Canada over the next decade. Orderly planning for the tax, asset protection and wealth building opportunities have to be top priority in these transactions.

Advice on how to market your business, how to plan for the sale, and on what way to sell the assets are very much front on people's minds. All of these issues have to be dealt with as part of a plan that includes personal planning such as wills and trusts. Persons that have carefully accumulated savings need advice on how to go to the next level. People acquiring businesses need to know what kind of business to acquire, how to structure the acquisition, and how to plan an efficient structure for savings and wealth preservation.

We certainly enjoy meeting with people who have options to consider, and plans to carry out. It is satisfying to associate with a team of professionals in the structure, tax, and accounting fields. Make sure that your acquisition or sale gives you the best value possible.

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