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Increasing the value of your business before selling

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There comes a time for many owners to start a new venture or retire, and selling their business marks the next chapter.

If you are thinking about selling your business in the not-so-distant future, one important priority is to maximize the company’s value. There are myriad ways to do this.

Assess your risky ventures

Risk management strategies are essential tools for any business. And whether you are dealing with internal or external risks, it is crucial to examine them leading up to a business sale to improve selling opportunities.

For instance, potential buyers can be scared off if a business involves too many risky investments and partnerships.

Instead, it could be wise to consider pursuing less risky solutions. Prioritize stability in the workplace; standardize processes; resolve internal conflicts that could all disrupt operations and create costly risks; minimize high-risk customers.

Reduce expenses

Reducing business expenses can add considerable value to a business, and it can be shrewd to focus on this as you prepare your business to sell.

To accomplish this, you might want to:

  • Examine and eliminate any extraneous expenses (e.g., carrying too much insurance)
  • Utilize efficiency solutions
  • Negotiate fixed costs
  • Unloading or repurposing unnecessary and unused office and production space
  • Pursue free solutions instead of subscription services
  • Maximize the capabilities and input from employees

These strategies can help businesses shed unnecessary expenses and maximize profits.

Build your reputation

Any potential buyer conducting due diligence will want to look at the business’s reputation and branding in the marketplace. Legal conflicts, bad publicity or lack of presence can reduce the perceived value of a company. 

Improving the reputation of your business can increase the number of interested buyers and justify a higher price.

To build your branding in the right direction, you might:

  • Resolve any outstanding legal claims
  • Collect testimonials from existing, satisfied clients
  • Secure intellectual property 
  • Eliminate or redesign problematic products and services
  • Prioritize positive Customer Service interactions

These measures can make a business more appealing and, therefore, more valuable.

Get legal and financial support

Preparing a business for sale is a complicated process with countless logistical and practical details to address. Thus, securing help from legal and financial professionals can help entrepreneurs maximize profits from a business sale.

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