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Estate Freezes Reduce Tax Liability And Simplify Estate Planning

Sole owners of corporations who want to minimize their taxes or create make family succession plans for a thriving business should consider implementing an ‘estate freeze’. Owners can use estate freezes to restructure their company’s ownership by limiting the value of the owner’s assets and transferring future growth to the owner’s family. This allows owners to reduce the amount of taxes that they have to pay.

Objectives Of Estate Freezes

Transfer Pricing - Facing CRA Audits As A Multinational Business

In our last post, we looked at the basic concept of transfer pricing. Any business that buys and sells to a foreign entity under its own corporate group may, at some point, be called upon by the CRA to defend the transfer price for those international transactions.

If that price doesn't match up with an amount that unrelated companies would normally agree to - the arm's length price - a transfer price dispute could ignite. Is your business at risk? Is it possible to successfully face the CRA and ward off increased taxation and penalties?

Transfer Pricing 101 - What Any Multinational Business Needs To Know

Google, Starbucks, Amazon - some of the biggest businesses in the Western world have been embroiled at some point in high-stakes tax disputes over transfer pricing. Yet, international tax woes are not confined to blue-chip corporations. Any business with corporate affiliates on foreign shores could become the target of a tax audit by the CRA.

What is transfer pricing? What do businesses risk? Why consult with a transfer pricing lawyer? Our post provides the basics - simplified and in plain English.

The basics of the law, the guidelines, the circulars, the TPMs, and how they relate to Canadian transfer pricing

An understanding of the nature and significance Provisions of Canadian law, the OECD guidelines (Guidelines), and the administrative circulars and memoranda of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as set forth in Circulars and Transfer Pricing Memorandums (TPM) is critical to understanding transfer pricing. All are all in a process of continual evolution. This memorandum is an explanation of the basics of each, and how they interact with each other.

Should I incorporate my business provincially, or federally?

When a Canadian small business is ready to incorporate, it has two options: Provincial or federal incorporation. The way in which a business incorporates can have long-lasting implications for its success. It is important for business owners to choose the method of incorporation that is the best fit for their company.

Provincial and federal incorporation have similarities and differences that business owners should take into careful consideration. In this post, we'll go over both types of incorporation--and which one could be right for your business. 

Selling a business - Determining the right purchaser

You've built a successful business in Alberta, and the time comes that you consider selling it. Likely, your primary concerns are to find the right buyer and attain the best purchase price. However, you might also have serious concerns about maintaining the brand identity you created. Business owners who are considering selling their businesses have a variety of options to consider, and each comes with advantages and drawbacks.

Purchase and Sale

In the coming years, pundits have predicted that a trillion dollars of assets are to be transferred from current owners to the new generation in Canada over the next decade. Orderly planning for the tax, asset protection and wealth building opportunities have to be top priority in these transactions.

Acquisition International Dispute Resolution Awards - Best for Transfer Pricing Disputes Canada - 2015

Acquisition International have conferred the award to PMR Law for "Best for Transfer Pricing Disputes - Canada" for 2015. The firm is thrilled to be recognized internationally based on the criteria of peer review in this highly specialized field. 

Paskapoo Slopes Development Plan approved

The public hearing on the application for the Policy Amendment with respect to the proposed Paskapoo Slopes development was front and centre on July 27, 2015 as Calgary faced a real policy choice regarding the development of the privately owned land of environmental significance.


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