Understanding Residential Foreclosures

Our firm acts for local clients within Calgary, Alberta and we represent lending institutions and banks across Canada that possess lending portfolios within Alberta.

We have substantial experience litigating mortgage loan recovery in the courts in Alberta. Our firm also possesses a wealth of experience in:

  • Engaging appraisal consultants
  • Executing the sale of foreclosed property
  • Property management issues
  • Questions regarding possession of property

We also use our extensive knowledge of tax law to highlight and advise on matters of tariffs during the acquisition and sale of residential properties while the foreclosure process is ongoing.

Extensive Legal Knowledge

PMR Law possesses the unique value of blending business law and tax issues with litigation experience. We have a proven track record of representing lenders in matters of residential foreclosure.

We respect that lenders are under a lot of pressure to collect on their mortgages without delays. We can move a case along efficiently, providing a quick and cost-effective strategy for financial institutions.

Meet With Our Firm

Contact Shaun T. MacIsaac Q.C. at (403) 457-9600 or Shawna Nahal at (403) 457-9603 or by emailing [email protected] or [email protected]