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From incorporation through to financing and the sale of a business, PMR Law provides legal services for corporate and business matters. We assist clients with every aspect of their business ventures. We work with other advisors to develop tax effective strategies and structures to meet compliance deadlines.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, our firm offers legal advice and support for:

Thorough, Quick And Economical Service

Our lawyers combine their litigation and alternative dispute resolution experience with extensive knowledge of business and tax law. We use this knowledge to provide clients with thorough analyses of their needs.

We appreciate the fact that business owners are under pressure to get their businesses running efficiently and generating profits. When there are legal matters to resolve, we strive to make sure the process is completed thoroughly, quickly and economically.

Innovative Approach To Corporate Technology

We offer clients efficient and cost-effective solutions through our innovative use of technology. We engage legal software to reduce time and labour spent on research and analysis of large volumes of documents.

Our unique approach serves as a means of identifying key points and grouping common elements for clients to easily analyze and raise questions and concerns.

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Award-Winning Service

PMR Law have been named the winner of the Business Law Firm of the Year 2017 Canada by CV Magazine and the Global 100 Excellence Award as Firm of the Year (Litigation Counsel) Canada. These awards are much appreciated by the firm. In everything we do, we strive to provide the best service for our clients.