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Commercial Foreclosure Cases

Lending institutions and banks want to make sure they can recoup their losses on non-current mortgages and loans. To foreclose on a property and recover the debt, they need to make a strong case to the courts to ensure success.

PMR Law has extensive experience in representing lenders in commercial foreclosure proceedings. We keep files moving for clients both within Calgary, Alberta and throughout the province. The process can be long, difficult and expensive, but our comprehensive knowledge of business and real estate law ensures that matters are dealt with economically and quickly.

Presenting The Case For Purchase And Sale

The presentation on behalf of lenders to acquire title and the subsequent sale needs to be effectively relayed to the courts.

Our firm carefully manages the court process so that the courts are in the best position to grant appropriate remedies to our clients. In addition, we have a great deal of experience in:

  • Aiding in the marketing of properties
  • Attaining the advice of appraisers and assessing appraisals of properties

The lawyers of PMR Law have extensive experience successfully concluding issues of recovering loans either by sale or foreclosure — sold through the judicial process or sold to the lender without a third party bidder.

Effective Use Of Legal Technology

We appreciate that financial institutions require their foreclosure matters resolved as soon as possible. Our firm meets this requirement through our innovative use of technology. We utilize legal software in unique ways to analyze large groups of documents and highlight relevant information quickly and accurately.

Using our technology for advanced research means there are no extra costs. It also helps to keep information organized and easy to understand for clients. It also helps in assisting with trial preparation, if necessary.

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Award-Winning Service

PMR Law have been named the winner of the Business Law Firm of the Year 2017 Canada by CV Magazine and the Global 100 Excellence Award as Firm of the Year (Litigation Counsel) Canada. These awards are much appreciated by the firm. In everything we do, we strive to provide the best service for our clients.