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Incorporation And Entity Management

Incorporating provides business owners with substantial benefits including income retention and income splitting. Tax and legal compliance issues must be properly considered to confirm your rights to the benefits of various classes of shares, dividends and voting rights. Capital receipts and capital gains treatments also need to be carefully evaluated.

PMR Law guides clients through the incorporation process and finalizing details to suit their needs. Located in Calgary, Alberta, our firm offers legal support and advice on all corporate processes, including:

  • Filing initial and annual returns
  • Appointing and removing directors, incorporators and officers
  • Drafting and amending shareholder agreements

Services For Professional Corporations

Professionals such as lawyers, doctors, engineers and medical practitioners may need to incorporate their business for tax and payment purposes. At PMR Law, we carefully explain the process to our clients, highlight the benefits to be obtained, and advise how to ensure compliance with applicable laws.

We leverage our business and tax knowledge to lay out options that work best for each client’s unique situation. We offer assistance for ongoing corporate management at competitive prices. All corporate minute books need to be maintained properly.

Timely And Accurate Services

We understand the need to get businesses up and running as soon as possible. We can incorporate and constitute a company within one working day. We know the compliance requirements of businesses and professionals. We know how to structure the related shareholder agreements and classes of shares. We prepare the subscriptions and documentation that supports the adjusted cost base of shares, needed when they are eventually disposed of, to attract a minimum of tax.

We can complete routine forms and filings quickly and economically by deploying a mixture of trained PMR Law lawyers and trained staff. We employ paralegals that have the experience to contribute to our performance of all necessary tasks, which reduces costs, time and labour.

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Award-Winning Service

PMR Law have been named the winner of the Business Law Firm of the Year 2017 Canada by CV Magazine and the Global 100 Excellence Award as Firm of the Year (Litigation Counsel) Canada. These awards are much appreciated by the firm. In everything we do, we strive to provide the best service for our clients.