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Navigating Shareholder Agreements

Shareholders’ agreements allow the key shareholders to maintain general control of a corporation. This control can override the share structure of the corporation, and can effectively take control from the directors and place it with the controlling shareholders. As a result, these agreements must be well thought out, and can be key to the successful management of a growing or mature corporation.

PMR Law has successfully helped clients throughout Calgary, Alberta, strike the right balance between classes of shareholders. The goal of our lawyers is to create terms that anticipate situations and deal effectively with sales of shares to existing and new shareholders. PMR Law meets the challenges of succession planning and financing the corporation.

Unanimous Shareholders Agreements

Well-drafted Unanimous Shareholders Agreements are the key to effective communication between established shareholder groups, and the issuance of new shares to attract and retain new ownership in private companies. Our firm has planned, drafted and amended agreements pertaining to issues such as:

  • Share transfers
  • Rights of holders of common and preferred shares
  • Purchase and sale of shares by agreement or by exercise of contractual rights
  • Voting rights and control over major decisions
  • Items that require unanimous shareholder approval

Negotiating Effective Agreements

Our lawyers strive to ensure shareholder agreements accurately strike the right balance amongst the various shareholders.

We assist management as corporate counsel in setting forth reasonable objectives when establishing the rights and privileges attached to the classes of shares.

We provide effective communication to the corporation to find a strategy that reaches a reasonable solution to divergent shareholder interests. PMR Law brings to bear our extensive litigation experience in resolving shareholder disputes to prevent and avoid potential conflicts.

Effective Use Of Technology

Our lawyers use legal software in a unique way to quickly and thoroughly research and analyze documents, and where needed, the law and precedent legal cases. We can identify and highlight common items and define them so that our clients can easily understand the information presented.

PMR Lawyers have proven legal research capability. We are efficient at analyzing large amounts of documents with the aid of leading edge technology in a timely manner. Our use of technology provides:

  • Cost-effective solutions for time and labour
  • Reduced trial preparation, if necessary
  • Organized documents

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Award-Winning Service

PMR Law have been named the winner of the Business Law Firm of the Year 2017 Canada by CV Magazine and the Global 100 Excellence Award as Firm of the Year (Litigation Counsel) Canada. These awards are much appreciated by the firm. In everything we do, we strive to provide the best service for our clients.