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Representing Banks And Private Lenders

Private lenders need to develop the proper mortgage, general security agreements, guarantees and related caveats and assignments. They must also have their counsel be aware of the need to have borrowers identify themselves, and protect themselves against environmental liability. PMR Law deals with these issues every single day in an effective, professional manner.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, the lawyers of PMR Law offer their services to private lenders and national banks based in various regions of Canada. We use our knowledge and experience to help our clients define their rights on issues such as:

  • Priority of mortgages
  • Properly registered security agreements
  • Guarantees in compliance with unique Alberta laws
  • Loan documentation
  • Priority and postponement agreements

Quick And Cost-Effective Solutions

PMR Law uses their comprehensive knowledge on how to match the security to the nature of the loan transaction to reach effective solutions. Our firm informs our clients of their options and strategies for their documentation, and how to best protect their legal interests.

We understand lenders and financial institutions need to resolve matters of funding transactions effectively. We approach each case as a team — we have integrated the tasks of paralegals to reduce costs and labour — while ensuring efficient supervised work.

Effective Use Of Technology

We utilize technology to maximize our efforts on research and organization. We integrate our technological resources with targeted legal research to facilitate the drafting of effective documents.

We also identify issues that allow the client to make business judgments that deal with their questions and concerns.

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Award-Winning Service

PMR Law have been named the winner of the Business Law Firm of the Year 2017 Canada by CV Magazine and the Global 100 Excellence Award as Firm of the Year (Litigation Counsel) Canada. These awards are much appreciated by the firm. In everything we do, we strive to provide the best service for our clients.